thegreyladies said: Absolutely loving the writing on LBD and Lydia's vlogs! What has been your favorite video/scene to write thus far? (of course limited to the scope of what has been posted.)

Thanks, yo! I like getting the opportunity to write them!

My favorites for LBD so far are a 4-way tie. Couldn’t ever choose. Ep 37 (Lydia vs Mr Collins), Ep 48 (Snickerdoodles), and two we just shot that you guys haven’t seen yet. They will be eps 73 & 74 and I am pretty excited about them.

It’s hard to say of Lydia vlogs which one I like best. As I’ve said before, because those are so short, it often comes down to the performance and acting around the words rather than what’s in the actual script. Plus because I do the entire arcs for each set of those, they just wind up getting written…differently. Different mindset. Sorry that doesn’t make too much sense. But “Babysitting” was prob my favorite of the first round, though I wish we could have shot an earlier draft of it, tbh. Either way, I knew if we got that into the show, we could use it to take Lydia’s character to a more serious place, which we’ve obviously done lately. So it was an important ep, and I’m glad it happened. And I’m really, really happy with the entire arc we have that’s airing now. Most of these are my favorites. I don’t know how I could choose. Overall, though, I think….probably my favorite ep to write for that show is going to be one I haven’t written yet.