Anonymous said: That's interesting about Mrs. Bennet. Can we actually see more of LBD Lydia's relationship with both of her parents since Lizzie talks so much about them it's a bit weird that Lydia rarely does? Really don't get the negligent-vibe from Mrs. Bennet because she seems so involved in Lizzie i.e. with Mr. Collins and Jane's life i.e. with Bing Lee. I got that Lizzie might be exaggerating Mrs. Bennet's actions, but there's a difference between exaggeration and fabrication, right?

Sorry, this ask is way old. I’m trying to clean out my inbox. This was in response to the discussion after TLB ep 13 (Runaway) about what kind of parent Mrs. B is.

Um, I mean, I personally have no intention of showing any more of that relationship b/w Lydia and her parents. It may happen, but I don’t have any plans for it. I don’t know about the other writers. Neither LBD nor TLB have any sort of focus on the parent-child relationship, when it comes down to it. They’re factors in who the Bennet girls are, of course, and sometimes relevant to the plot, but we’ve chosen to put the emphasis on developing other relationships.

It’s entirely possibly for a parent to be negligent to one child and not to another. But with Mrs. B, I think she’s probably pretty meddlesome and involved in her daughters’ lives on a surface level but maybe doesn’t understand them as people, or anything about their problems or the events of their lives. Keeping in mind that everything on Lizzie’s vlogs is THROUGH LIZZIE’S EYES, which is important, we know (according to her) that Mrs. B wants her daughters married off, sees Bing leaving town as a sleight against her and not so much Jane….uh and a third thing for balance. I don’t feel like remembering all the eps right now. And from Lydia’s vlogs, we know she cares about how Lydia does in school (got mad at her for skipping class, hired Mary as a tutor). Now, we don’t know WHY she does any of these things, or cares about these things. She doesn’t seem to have the best ways of handling them (ie everything with Jane at all, accusing Lydia of skipping class for a boy instead of seeing something else was going on), so, like I said, maybe she wants to be involved on a surface level, and cares, but doesn’t know how to connect with her daughters and show it in appropriate ways. Or maybe all the girls just see her efforts as conniving and whatnot. Honestly, I have no idea. What were we talking about?

Oh right. Nah, no parental focus — this show is about sisters. Oh, wait. I mean Darcy. But, no. I mean sisters.