ibmiller said: What was it like writing Jane for the Lydia in LA arc? What were the reasons for including her (other than "she's completely awesome and Laura Spencer always hits it out of the park," natch)?

Haha I mean, that was definitely a part of it. I love writing for Laura, and I love trying to write Jane and seeing what happens with it.

Beyond that, the idea of having more Lydia/Jane interaction had come up casually at some point during the summer when I was with MK and Laura, and it stuck in my mind, but that opportunity just doesn’t present itself very often on Lizzie’s channel. And as I talked about the other day, Lydia acts a very specific way on Lizzie’s channel/when she knows Lizzie will probably see something, so it doesn’t always make for the same kind of honest interaction that she’s able to have on her own vlogs. So this just seemed like a great opportunity to bring Jane and Lydia together and kind of see what ended up happening with that dynamic, and also to highlight the differences between the Lydia/Jane, Lizzie/Lydia, Jane/Lizzie relationships, because there are definitely a lot.

It was a little challenging to write, just in the sense that we were bringing in this other character who has her own life and a lot going on, and we know that, because we’ve seen it on Lizzie’s channel, and I wanted to address some of that (as we did in The High Life), but at the same time, it’s Lydia’s channel and the focus basically needs to stay on her. That’s kind of the frustrating thing with Lydia’s channel over Lizzie’s — the episodes are so damn short, it’s hard to do as much with the other characters that show up (which is particularly frustrating with Mary; I’m always like, I WANT TO DO MORE WITH YOU that sounds weird whatever). But I like protective!Jane a lot, and was happy to kind of have an easy way to bring that into play and show some more of that side to her. And that’s something we just get a lot more between her and Lydia because Lydia is the youngest, and I think Jane sees her more as someone who still needs looking after, whereas with Lizzie it’s more that she and Jane friends, and sort of on equal footing in that way. So that was fun to play with even in just those few short eps.