Dear LBD Fans.

First of all, hey, don’t read this if you don’t want my opinion. I feel like that’s common sense, but maybe it’s not. It’s totally fine if you don’t. My words are ~my words. Nothing more. You can disagree and hate everything I have to say, but if you don’t want to engage intelligently or acknowledge my existence on tumblr at all? No problem. Just stop now.

You guys do what you want. You fight if you want. You be nice to each other if you want. Whatever. I’m not here to tell you what to do (despite what some people seem to think).

I’m sorry there’s drama. I’m sorry that people are offended by things I’ve said. If you actually follow me, you know most of what I say is kidding around. But not all of you follow me, and, as in real life, sometimes I forget that people don’t know I’m kidding. And that’s not on you, that’s on me. I apologize.

I’m sorry that other fans are bullying people and making you feel like your opinion doesn’t matter, and shaming you into shutting up and that “lol you just don’t get fandom.” And I’m sorry if I’VE ever made you feel like your opinion doesn’t matter. It wasn’t intentional. I’m not so great at the social skills, and I’m very opinionated, and I come from a place of fandom, where you’re allowed to express opinions loudly and you argue back and forth with people trying to get other people to see things the way you do. As you all know. That’s not the position I’m in right now, and while I do make posts stating my opinions some times (less and less as time goes on — guys, this is new, I’m figuring this out, okay?), I don’t want to argue with anyone. And if I did early on and don’t remember it, again, I’m sorry.

If you watch this show, or these shows, that we make, that’s great. If you’re involved in the fandom, that’s great. Thanks for all of that. I know some of you feel like we’re invading your space. Fandom as we all have known it doesn’t really exist anymore. And hasn’t, for awhile now. The things people put on the internet are public. Anyone can see them. Anyone can interact. I’m sorry, but you can’t tell anyone that just because they participate in making something, they can’t interact with stuff about the thing that’s made. That’s not how it works. No, we can’t tell you what to make and what not to make, and that’s why when it comes to things we’re uncomfortable with, like certain fan fiction, we just skip over it. It’s our responsibility to make sure we don’t read it. People gotta coexist on the internet, including people on either sides of a creative work. The landscape is shifting more and more towards that every day. I’ve worked for TV actors and writers and you know what? They’re right in there interacting with fans about their shows on tumblr and twitter and all that, too. Things aren’t going to shift back. No one’s trying to push you underground, or say you can’t criticize the show, but realize, yeah, we’re still here. You can’t kick us off the internet, and I’m not sorry for that.

Now, I know there are absolutely going to be people following this up with either tagged or untagged posts all LOL NOW SHE’S TRYING TO MAKE PEOPLE LIKE HER. Or whatever. Truthfully, idgaf if you like me. Many of you don’t. This is in no way going to change that. I’m aware. What I DO have a problem with is people blasting my friends for having opinions and standing up for me and the work we’ve all done. I don’t want to really get into that part of it because quite frankly I feel bad for the girl who made that original post and I’m not trying to call her out on anything (nor were MK and Ashley, that’s why they were ~comments and not reblogs or public posts), but…..fucking leave them alone. Those are two of the kindest and most wonderful girls I know, they work their asses off for this show you like (which is not to say that just because someone makes something they can do whatever they want, but THIS? come on), and they can have opinions. But beyond that? Honestly? I don’t need logic or reason to defend them because they’re my friends and that’s what you fucking do, and I have rarely been as fucking livid as I am right now that they have to see this shit. So think about that for a second, and if it was people you care about getting publicly ripped apart for saying they didn’t like something, and then maybe think about what you’re saying or how you say it before you continue. Most of you, if you’re already talking shit, that will probably mean nothing to you. But just…god, in the words of the great Wil Wheaton, Don’t Be A Dick. And I don’t care if you think me saying this is “overstepping bounds” because I will ALWAYS put my responsibility as a friend above my responsibility as a writer and I will NEVER apologize for that.

That having been said, if you don’t like the things we’re saying, and you can’t trust yourself not to read things we post, block us. For heaven’s sake, please block us. We’re not going anywhere. MK and I have had tumblrs since before LBD. And all of us like talking to you guys, and answering your questions, and seeing the amazing stuff you make and boosting its visibility when we can. If you’re not into that, just block us. 

Now, to make this even longer, I just want to reblog (minus the original poster’s commentary, please feel free to go check it out if that’s your thing) this list of why I’m just the WORST to be on tumblr in regards to the LBD fandom. Feel free to go take a look. This is, I believe, everything supporting the claims that I’m mean to fans, that I hate Pemberley and Darcy and Gigi, etc. 


  • being rude/dismissive to fans asking about darcy bc she dislikes excitement about darcy and wants fans of a remake of one of the most renowned of all romances in western fictions to only care about the sisters
  • enforcing this interpretation of LBD
  • and just generally being rude about people’s excitement for darcy and tagging it
  • and reblogging to do it too
  • and then posting another rude followup to that
  • passive-aggressively asking for special tagging because of how much she hated the imminent darcy day 
  • correcting fan opinions/interpretations about lizzie/darcy
  • passive aggressive notes to fandom (it was about someone talking about how they didn’t care for lydia, fyi)
  • passive aggressive posts about someone making a post about the disliking the presence of cast/crew in fandom
  • flouncing the exact same day i made this cranky post (~*~fucking spiteful~*~ ok why not, yes i am & hello again)

This person is also claiming I edited posts. You know what? Hey, yeah, I deleted one. I’m tired of all of this. Really tired of it. And I’m tired of this specific person being really fucking rude all the time. About me, persistently, and now to other fans. But here, it was something about asking people watching the Lydia spin off to tag their posts with that during the week of Darcy’s appearance because I didn’t want to track through all the lbd tags to check stuff out — yes, with a snarky comment about how I’d rather read Twilight or something instead of do that. If she posts her screenshot of it, I’m happy to add that to this.

And to attempt to be perfectly clear about Pemberley since apparently nothing I say has convinced you guys I don’t have some crazy intense hatred for Pemberley and Darcy and Gigi, hey, I don’t. I don’t reblog that stuff because a) I haven’t watched it yet (for story reasons, I can’t until I finish certain scripts), b) most of the writers only reblog/tweet stuff for arcs they’re involved with, I’m just the most active so you only notice that from me, and c) the official accounts mostly only reblog/tweet stuff from the main show, so yeah, I try to signal boost the Lydia stuff. Because MK and Wes are fucking great and deserve to be acknowledged for that. It’s not a competition thing. It’s not an “I don’t like this part of the story” thing. It’s a “you’re all already watching this part, hey, here’s another part if you want to check it out” thing. Simple and non-malicious, I promise you.

Anyway, I’m not checking anymore tags for this. I’m not making anymore posts about it. But seeing you guys rip each other apart and say mean things about people I care about meant I had to say something.