Anonymous said: honestly it just seems because you have enveloped yourself in lydia because that's who you got to write, and you are scornful/jealous of what you don't to write. bernie has wrote you wanted to write 60, 61, etc but he declined, and you've also mentioned you know you probably won't write daniel. so you resent it, or at least that's how you come off. and that's very immature and intimidating.

Actually Bernie said Kate Rorick wanted to write 60 and 61 (and she did write 61). I have specifically asked not to write for Darcy from the moment he appeared. Not because I don’t like him, but because I don’t think I’m qualified to write that storyline. I’m not a romance writer by any means (whereas, for the record, Kate is, and a good one). It’s not what I’m good at, nor is it something that terribly interests me to write. I said I “probably” won’t write for Daniel because that’s the way it’s currently plotted out (and btw, that’s because I asked for a larger group of specific future episodes than we usually write at a time, and Kate said, “oh perfect, I want to write more Pemberley episodes,” and Bernie was like “great! Kate write more Pemberley, Rachel write the other ones”), but at the same time, we’ve had to do last minute switches and rewrites in the past, so nothing is set in stone until it’s done.

I write for Lydia because after the show was cast, and the first 16 episodes shot, and things started airing, I was constantly sending Bernie ideas and thoughts for a Lydia spin off (one that he and Hank had already decided to probably do). So when it came time for that to happen, he asked me if I wanted to do it, and I said hell yes. After that point, we started being able to request episodes as opposed to just being arbitrarily assigned them, and I’ve always requested Lydia-centric ones when that’s an option.

That’s both because I knew I would continue to do her spin off, so the easiest way to make sure her arc made sense (since we don’t have a traditional writing room where we talk about things every day) was to be involved in her bigger LBD episodes, and because I’m just in general most interested in characters and storylines that I can play around with more, that can be less strictly defined by what we already know happens in P&P. Not because I think I’m better than that, but just because one of the ways you become a better writer is to take risks and see what works and influence people’s perceptions of characters, stuff like that. And I’m doing this show because I want to become a better writer. The rest of the staff…I’m sure they all have their own reasons for loving the characters they love (and believe me, every single one of us has our favorite characters and storylines, I’m just the only one so active on social media because I always have been) and wanting to write the things they want to write, but they’re probably using it as less of an exercise and a way to test the waters than I am, because they’ve all been doing this for longer than I have. They know what they’re doing. I’m figuring it out. And getting to do that with Lydia Bennet? Feel how ever you want about her or that, but I sincerely wouldn’t have it any other way.

Haha man, I don’t think I’ve ever been accused of not wanting to write for Lydia before. First for everything, I guess? But feel free to ask literally any single person on our team whether or not they think I want to write for Lydia and I can assure you their answer will be a completely unhesitant “uhh, yeah.”

Regardless, none of us function in a “ugh I hate you you’re doing this thing on the show that isn’t the same thing I’m doing or is something I wanted to do so now I will be mad at you and awful and talk crap about your work” kind of way. We’d never get anything done. Plus it’s just not true. We have a really great team of people. I respect every single one of them, and we all support each other. If there’s one thing that should be clear from the past two days, it should be that.