Anonymous said: Did Lydia know about the sex tape? How do you think that would change things?

I’m not entirely sure I understand these questions, but I’ll try my best to answer them.

Did Lydia know about the tape? Well, we saw today that she didn’t know about the website. Whether or not she knew about the tape itself (if there is a tape at all) will be addressed in the show.

Okay, I really am not sure how to answer the second part of this question because I’m just not sure what it means. So instead I will just say that if Lydia wanted to make a sex tape of her own free will (and I know there’s discussion going on as to whether or not her consenting to a tape could even be considered consent due to the nature of her relationship with George, but putting that aside for a second), there is absolutely nothing wrong with that (assuming HE also consented, which in this case of course we are assuming is true, but I’m talking more in general here). And if she (and George) wanted to put that on the internet and sell it to people, that is absolutely their choice and their prerogative, again, assuming both equally decided of their own free will that it was a good idea. The latter is certainly something that many people may not consider a wise choice, but it is a choice that can only be made by the people involved, and it is their right to make it. Obviously that isn’t what happened here, but in general, if it had, yup, that.


I guess you could say that if Lydia and George had equally decided to put up this tape together, I mean, it would certainly change a lot of things. Namely, I’m not sure there would be something Darcy could do to “help.” Anything I can think of that he would do to “help” Lydia and Lizzie out of a situation where Lydia willingly released a sex tape for sale onto the internet would either suggest that Lydia isn’t capable of making her own decisions and she needs Lizzie and Darcy to fix her mistakes that she doesn’t realize are mistakes (which also implies that her decision to put up a tape would in and of itself be wrong which is awful and shaming and we’re not doing that), or that what she did willingly with Wickham brings complete shame to her family because omg sex tapes are inherently bad and Darcy needs to rescue the family from that, which again, implies that her sexual decisions are inherently wrong and embarrassing to other people, which is a terrible thing to say. We could have also gone the route where she was involved and thought it was a good idea, and changed her mind after Lizzie came home and talked her out of it, but one thing we’ve been working on in this show is that Lizzie needs to overcome her ideas and prejudices about many people, not just Darcy, and proving her 100% right about her sister making only bad choices with her life (and I’m not saying Lydia never makes poor choices because obviously we’ve seen that she can be irresponsible and impulsive at times) goes against what she needs to learn and would negate a lot of what we’ve done with our characters.

I hope that made sense. And there may have been other options to following the plot of “Lydia willingly released this tape” with a follow up of “Darcy saves the day” that I’m not thinking of in the moment, but it wasn’t the story we saw or followed, so I haven’t fully explored it in my mind.

And of course, not commenting on how Lydia knowing or not knowing about the tape itself would “change things” because you guys don’t know yet if she does or not.