Q: I thought that having Lydia reference Lizzie’s second video by referring to herself as a “whorey slut” was a masterful touch. It perfectly epitomized how the interactivity and youtube medium enables both character and plot development. Was that particular mention planned all the way back at the second episode, or later on? Also, was Gigi’s suggestion for Darcy to take a swim a nod to the 1995 BBC P&P?

A: Not many shows get to do an 85 episode call back so I’m glad we got the opportunity. Rachel wrote both those episodes and I’m happy she did it. Looking back at the show, I think you could say that the original “whorey slut” line was the most controversial line in the series and it happened in episode 2!

I’ve said publicly that I do regret that we said the original line from Ep 2, but in life you don’t get to go back in time and correct regrets. You live with them and you learn from them. 

Side Note: I know that Rachel has publicly stood behind the original line and that’s fine. Like we learn from our life choices, she effectively took the line and made Lizzie learn from the ramifications of saying that line to Lydia way back when. And like I said before , Lizzie also doesn’t get to go back in time.

So the reference was not planned. When ep 2 was written, we didn’t know if the show was going to last beyond its original 8 episode shoot. We didn’t even know if people were going to like the show. We weren’t planning callbacks. Actually, I don’t think we’ve ever planned any of our callbacks and we do a lot of callbacks. We’ve always just discovered when to put them in.


Just to be perfectly clear, I have said before and I will say again that I had always put that line in episode two with the intention and hope of having Lizzie have to come back to it if the show did continue. Having it come back to bite Lizzie in the ass was in no way an accident or responding to/trying to correct mistakes. (Certainly other things, such as having Lydia respond to people being mean to her on Twitter after receiving comments about how I shouldn’t say negative things to characters on Twitter myself, were. This was not.) Of course we didn’t know for sure the show was going to keep going, and of course we didn’t know exactly what the scenario would be, but that line was never an accident or oversight on my part. I can only speak for myself as far as that goes, but I am the one who wrote it, and I wouldn’t write something like that as a joke without being conscious of the character’s shortcomings regarding that viewpoint.