Anonymous said: Will you miss weekly "The Lydia Bennet!! sux" comments?

People are always gonna dislike stuff you make, like I’ve said before. That’s cool and great and I don’t have a problem with the general idea of that. The only time the criticism of the show (and Lydia’s vlogs in particular) made me sad is when I saw people responding to the critical posts about the recent Lydia arc and saying they had gone through similar things and dealt with it in similar ways as Lydia (not getting mad at Wickham, blaming themselves, not calling it emotional abuse because they weren’t ready to do that for a long time, etc.) and they felt that the way in which people were criticizing the show for handling it was, in a way, telling them they had dealt with their own experiences incorrectly. And it’s hard not to wonder if at least a fraction of the reason people are so vehemently criticizing the arc is because they know I’m the one behind that part of it, and I hate the idea that that may have wound up kind of hurting these other people in that way. But that’s getting off towards another topic. 

Point is, in general, I think criticism of things is great and 100% necessary. And even general blatant disliking of things, I guess. If I ever wrote something everyone liked and agreed with, I would actually be really disappointed in myself, because it would mean I wrote something that didn’t mean anything. Something that was easy and not pushing any boundaries and not making people think or go outside their comfort zones. I don’t want to do that. That’s not why I write. The tumblr fandom is clearly very divided on thinking Lydia’s stuff was completely mishandled vs it meaning a lot to them. I’d rather make something that means a lot to some people and makes other people hate me and think I suck at everything than something that’s just…there. 

And that’s not how everyone approaches things. And that’s probably an answer that’s going to make some people mad (if only because I seem incapable of saying or doing anything that doesn’t make somebody mad). But it is what it is. 

So the simplest answer is probably that is an important part of the show’s existence, imho, so actually yes, I will miss that as much as I miss any part of the show, I guess.