dupoynt said: Are you going to keep in touch with the LBD cast and crew? Have you made friends for life? If so, who? (Other than MK Wiles, who is assumed)

Well I couldn’t escape MK or Ashley or Max or Julia if I tried, I can tell you that much. Not that I’d want to. I dunno about “for life” cuz that’s an intense concept, but of course I hope we’ll be friends for longer than like, the end of LBD. Which is very soon.

I mean, I got to work with some great people on LBD. The web community in LA is small enough that I’m sure I’ll run into plenty of them at events and stuff at the very least, particularly our crew. And fortunately, most LBD people are on social media too. And y’all know I’m on Twitter like, non-stop. Also, a couple of our other actors have expressed interest in getting some projects off the ground together, but that’s all too preliminary to say anything about. But I’d hope if any of that happens, some of the other cast and/or crew would be involved too, if they were interested, or for some other things that are brewing right now. Either way, I have no doubt I’ll work with at least half these people again. Unless I die tomorrow but whatevsies.

That’s the cool thing about working on these kind of short term projects though, you know? As opposed to a job you’re at for 5, 10, 30 years. You get to figure out who you like working with and hopefully work on other stuff with them again. And there are definitely members of both cast and crew of LBD that I really loved getting to work with.