dreamer-and-crazy said: Hi Rachel, I love OUAT I followed it from the begining... I'm just excited that u liked it and that u will like to write for it, if u had the chance to choose. I expected for you to say LG or PLL hahaha I also just saw your vlog, and I have a QQQQuestion hehehe I was wondering if your scripted work will be more comedy or drama oriented? like what kind of stories do you have in mind? not that u have to say concretely stuff *no spoilers* just wondering what genre r u shooting for :)

Haha I love Pretty Little Liars but I definitely wouldn’t want to write for it. I’d spend the entire time arguing about the way they constantly have adult men trying to date high school girls and then blaming everything on the girls and just…ugh. I love the show, but when you’re a viewer, you can enjoy the parts you like and complain about the rest. Can’t do that as a writer. And writing for Lost Girl is That Thing I Want So Bad (I’d shoot the sunshine into my veins, ahem) I can’t even allow myself to acknowledge the possibility because I know it will never happen.


Well MK and I both like telling difficult stories that have good characters and maybe mean something to people. Fortunately, that isn’t constrained to any one genre. We love drama, and dramatic scenes, but YouTube isn’t always the best place for that. A lot of the best dramatic scenes only work because of the context they’re in and the viewers already having an attachment to a character or characters (and also, a lot of the best drama only works in conjunction with comedic or lighter moments, so comedy and drama really go hand in hand). Since YouTube is made for shorter content, that isn’t always possible when you’re doing one-offs instead of series.

That having been said, the answer is that we will be trying stuff in all sorts of genres. I personally love movies and shows that reinvent and combine genres more than anything, so that’s what I want to ultimately do with my career, and to do that, we have to play in all sorts of genres and get to know them. So it’s really going to be kind of an all over the place channel, which doesn’t typically work on YouTube, where people subscribe with expectations to see the same style or type of content from a person/channel over and over again, but mostly we’re hoping to use this as a platform to experiment and get feedback from you guys and launch some things into bigger projects.

Also…comedy is often easier to shoot and gets more hits because it’s easier to watch so I’d imagine a lot of our smaller, lower-or-no budget things will be comedy and we’ll try to do some higher quality stuff in other/multiple genres.